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Game Manual

Find below the official game manual for World Empires Live.

World Empires Live

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Game Manual

1. Getting Started

1.1 Installation

Windows 7 users

Install the game by extracting the compressed files into desired folder.

Windows users

Install the game by double clicking the wel.exe file that comes in a compressed format.

1.2 Minimum System Requirements

Recommended System:

  • Windows 2000, XP, Vista, Win7

  • Pentium 2.2 GHz or compatible

  • 1.5 GB RAM

  • Game requires a resolution of at leist 1024x768

  • Internet Connection

1.3 Running the Game

Windows 7 users

Double click the wel.exe in the folder where you installed the game

Windows users

Double click the desktop shortcut or start the game from the Start Menu in Program->World Empires Live->World Empires Live

alternatively double click the wel.exe in the folder where you installed the game

1.4 Main Menu

From the main menu there are a number of buttons. To start playing click the Start Game button. The online Manual is reached by clicking the Manual button.

1.5 The Matchmaking

When you clicked start game you are taken to the matchmaking screen. In the top left corner you log in using your registered name and password. Registration is done at the home site

From the matchmaking screen you can play single player and multiplayer games, extend your subscription and chat with other logged into the World Empires Live server. The matchmaking screen has a main lobby to the left with yellow background. Here the games, users and chat messages in the main lobby is shown. You can chat by clicking the field below saying Enter Chat Message. Enter any text into the field and press enter to chat publicly.

Single Player Game

Simply click the Host button which opens up the host game dialog. Click OK button and game will automatically start.

Multiplayer Game

To play multiplayer game we recommend a solid and rapid Internet connection. You can play multiplayer in two ways, hosting or joining. It is strongly recommended that the player hosting has the fastest Internet connection and PC.

Hosting Game

Click Host button

Select either Free For All, Duel 1v1, Team 2v2, Team 3v3 or Team 4v4.

Click OK

You game will now be listed in the lobby under Games. You cannot view your own hosted game but other can.

Joining Game

Whenever you see a game listed in Games section you can join it unless you are already hosting your own game. Click the desired game and it will light up in blue. The Join button will now light up to white and can be clicked. Click the Join button and you will be connecting to the host

The Game Room

When you are hosting a game or joining a game the game room section is used. Here you can chat with others who joined the same game. The game room is positioned in the bottom right of the matchmaking screen and has a blue chat field (contrary to the yellow chat area in the main lobby).

If you joined a game your options are to leave room by clicking the cancel button or to signal host to start the game by clicking the Ready Button.

If you are the host, the options for you in the game room is to start game, cancel or ban. To ban a user click its name in the light blue field and click Ban button. To cancel the game press the cancel button. To start the game press the Start Button. In Duel and Team games you cannot start the game until all players have joined and clicked ready.

When host has clicked the Start Button all players will receive a signal plus get a message “Game Starting” in the blue game room chat area.

2. How To Play

2.1 The start

When game starts you are taken to the Map Screen showing a large map with a number of units, cities and resources on. Depending on if you play the game with Fog of War or not, the amount of the map you can see can be limited.

You start controlling a tribe with a Capital City and compete with all other factions on the map. The game starts in 2000 B.C and will continue until 2000 A.D determining the winning faction or team by counting Victory Points. Game can also be won before 2000 A.D if a total conquest condition is fulfilled.

To achieve your goal you move and control military and non military units, conduct science, purchase and deploy units, find build and upgrade resources, upgrade cities, sign trade deals and import, steal technologies, make pacts or declare war and control military battles.

2.2 The user interface

The user interface enables you to do all the tasks needed to win. For the Map screen you have a top bar showing all the information of your faction. Luxury Item, Raw Material, Manpower, Coin and Victory Points are shown as well as the timer in the top right corner. When the timer reaches zero a new turn is started automatically


Faction Panel

In the bottom right section of the Map screen is the Faction panel displaying basic information on your factions and holding 10 buttons. Starting from the top is your Faction name, your user name and your era. The 10 buttons are used to navigate through the game.

Starting with the first row from the left is

Deploy Button

Used to deploy units that you have finished producing. In the start of the game you can only deploy units near your Capital or Sea Ports (for naval units). Later in game those options expand. If you have any units available this button will be enabled and clicking it will open up the force pool. Click a highlighted hex to deploy there or right click to cancel and close the force pool.

Hint: You need to produce a unit before deploying, check purchase button.

Declare War Button

Clicking this button takes you to a zoomed out war map. You can always zoom back in again by using a mouse scroll wheel or by clicking the zoom button in the mini map to the left of the button panel (zoom button looks like a magnifying glass). War map shows the flags of all the factions that you currently have discovered in game. By clicking any of these flags or their faction you declare war on them. If it is not possible declaring war you will be given a tool tip explaining to you why it is not possible.

Hint: Declaring war on enemies on another continent than yours can be done after moving a naval unit loaded with a military unit on their coast.

Import Raw Material Button

This is a toggle button which defaults to ON. Having this button on means that you will auto import raw materials any chance you get. When you import you pain 2 coin for every 1 raw material. Having this toggle OFF means you do not import any Raw Materials.

Import Luxury Item Button

This is a toggle button which defaults to ON. Having this button on means that you will auto import luxury item any chance you get. When you import you pain 2 coin for every 1 luxury item. Having this toggle OFF means you do not import any luxury item.

Pay Tribute Button

This button is only available when you have received a threat from Pirates. Clicking it means paying them coin and they will leave you alone (for now).

Map Button

This button will jump back showing the map when you are positioned in some of the other menus.

hotkey: F1

Purchase Button

This button open up the purchase screen. In purchase screen you can select any unit that is available from your technologies. Click a unit to select it. Units require coin in order to be produced. Some units also require manpower and raw material. If you have all needed for producing. If you meet all of these conditions the purchase button to the left will be red and highlighted. Click it to start producing the unit. Your unit will now be shown in the production queue above and can be deployed only when it is finished. Naval units also require you to have a Sea Port built. Click any of your coastal hexes and click the Build Sea Port button in the Terrain Panel (bottom left of Map Screen) to construct a Sea Port.

Hotkey: F2

Science Button

This button open up the science screen. Buy a scientist by clicking one of the arrow buttons to the left in desired category. Click one of the focus buttons to focus on a certain branch boosting its science at the cost of a slower science in the other 2 branches. You can also switch back to the balanced focus again by clicking the weight of scales button. You use up focus points doing this so you cannot shift your focus too often. Advancing into a new era will give you new focus points.

Hint: There is a Dark Ages event that halt all science. When this happens you need to go into science screen again and buy new scientists. The science button has a white exclamation point when science is halted. The Dark Age event affects all factions globally and is signalled with both a sound effect and a message in the chat area of the map

hotkey: F3

Statistics Button

This button will open up a statistics screen. You can view any factions and their victory points here. If game reaches 2000 A.D the faction or team with the highest VP wins. Note that some factions Statistics Info may be hidden depending on FoW and other factors described in the section “Era”.

Exit the Statistics screen by clicking the To Map button.

Options Button

This button opens up a options dialog. Here you can toggle of a lot of options as well as quitting the game and returning to the Matchmaking screen.

Hint: Music, Animation and Tool tip require a lot of processing power. On a slower machine toggling these options OFF will improve performance.

Map and Mini map

The big map in the centre of the Map Screen shows all units, cities, resources, borders, terrain and animations that you currently see. If you play a game with Fog of War OFF you will always see the whole map. If you play a game with Fog of War ON you will only see the hexes in your line of sight. Units have individual sight ranges that spot hexes. Rest of the map will be covered by a dark fog.

Positioning the map can be done by clicking Home, End, Page Up, Page Down by right clicking the map or by clicking the mini map

Scrolling the map can be done by positioning the mouse pointer on the edge of the screen or by pressing the arrow keys on your keyboard.

Mini map has buttons for filtering showing either units, resources or diplomatic status on the Mini map The Mini map also have 2 buttons for toggling on Unit or City Names for the BIG MAP.

There is also a zoom button (magnifying glass to the right) which can switch between 3 zoom level for the maps. Mouse wheel can also be used for zooming in or out.

The Mini map also shows the current date.

Unit Panel

The Unit Panel is in the bottom left of the Map Screen. It can be viewed by pointing at a unit on the map or by clicking the unit tab from the terrain panel.

The unit panel shows info on the unit and also have some buttons. The buttons can only be used if you have selected a unit. To select a unit, left click any of your faction units that are have not yet moved or push Page Down key. Left click again and it will jump to the terrain panel. To deselect the unit simply right click.

In the unit panel is a disband button (death skull) that if clicked will disband the unit and remove it from the map. There is also a terrain button (tree) that if clicked on shows the terrain panel.

Terrain Panel

The Terrain Panel is in the bottom left of the Map Screen. It can be viewed by left clicking on a selected or tool tipped unit or by left clicking an empty hex. Click again to jump to the unit panel (only works if there is unit on the hex). The Terrain Panel shows information on the hex and also have some buttons. The buttons can only be used for hexes that you currently control.

Unit Button - Jumps to the unit panel

Diplomacy Button – Jumps to the Diplomacy Panel of the owner of that hex

Upgrade Size Button – Can be done to open newly found resources or to expand cities into larger size. Expanding a city increases its population. Note that upgrading temporarily puts the city defences in disorder.

Upgrade Defences Button – Can be done to cities and increases their defence bonus against attacks. Note that upgrading temporarily puts the city defences in disorder.

Build Sea Port Button – Can be done to Coastal Hexes that you own. Building a sea port allows you to build and deploy Naval Units.

Destroy Sea Port Button – Can be done to erase a Sea Port that you own.

Diplomacy Panel

The diplomacy on the bottom left of the Map Screen shows diplomatic status of the currently viewed faction. This defaults to your own faction but you can also view other factions by right clicking their units or clicking a diplomacy button in the terrain panel.

The diplomacy panel shows basic info about the faction and also lists all factions except neutral ones

War: Lists all factions at war with.

Truce: Lists all factions that have a time limited truce or peace deal with

Team: Lists all players on the same team as you (in Team games)

2.3 hotkeys

  • [F1] - Jump to Map

  • [F2] - Jump to Purchase

  • [F3] - Jump to Research

  • [+/-] - zoom in/out on map

  • [arrow keys] - scroll the map

  • [page up] - next ready unit

  • [page down] - prev ready unit

  • [home] - jumps to your Capital

  • [end] - jumps to next of your Resources

  • [enter] - starts up chat box

  • [pause] - pause game (only in single player)

  • [p] - pause game (only in single player)

  • [g] - toggle hex grid on/off

  • [s] - sentry

3. Diplomacy

3.1 Diplomatic Relations


When game starts you are neutral to all other factions except the ones on your team (only in team game). Pirates or Rebels are exception to this rule, you are always at war with them. Neutral means you normally cannot attack them or cross their borders but there are exceptions (see War section)


A truce is a duration that eventually expire. When it expires the state goes back to neutral. When a truce it active you cannot Declare War on this faction and you cannot steal technologies from them. Furthermore your naval units cannot conduct trade wards by attacking their naval units.


Team is a truce that lasts throughout the game and cannot be changed. Your team also provides you with their vision so you will be able to view a larger part of the map if playing with Fog of War.


You can declare war on foreign factions if you have all of the blow conditions satisfied

  1. At leist one military unit next to their border

  2. You have no ongoing truce or non aggression deal with them

  3. The faction is not on the same Team as you

  4. You have not reached your max amount of simultaneous wars

At war means you can enter enemy land and attack enemy military units. Special units like Spies can always attack any foreign units so are an exception to this rule. Special units can also always enter foreign land except Prospectors which will only move inside your boundaries. Naval units can attack neutral foreign naval units but not Naval units which you have a truce with or are on the same team as you.

A war ends either with a negotiator signing a peace deal or if one of the factions conquer the other factions Capital. When peace is signed the all Cities or Capitals conquered in the war is returned to their original owner except that the winner of the war will keep conquered cities. Conquer enemy Cities first, before you take their Capital if you want to expand your empire.

If a Faction who has only a Capital so no extra cities prior to the war loses its Capital in the war they are annexed and eliminated. The Capital will be converted into a City and held by the winner of the war.

4. Economy

4.1 The Basics

Economic Factors

The economic factors in the game are Coin, Raw Material, Luxury Item and Manpower


Coin is used for producing/repairing units, recruiting scientists, paying tribute to pirates, paying upkeep for units, upgrading Cities and building Raw Material sites or Luxury Item sites. Coin is generated by technology, population, fish trade and by exporting raw material or luxury

Raw Material

Raw Material is used for producing/repairing certain unit types and for upgrading city size and walls. It is generated by Raw Material Sites plus can be imported from other factions paying with coin.

Luxury Item

Luxury Item is used for educating your population. It is generated by Luxury Items sites, can be imported from other factions and is also generated in later eras from Fishing.


Manpower is used for producing/repairing most military units. It is generated by population plus a certain basic factor

Victory Points

Victory points is generated by population and faction eras and ultimately decides victory in a standard game.

4.2 Faction Eras

The amount of technologies of your faction determines what Era you are in. Advancing to a higher era provides a one time boost to science. Some actions in game such as negotiating peace and signing trade deals is easier if you have a higher Era than the other factions. An exception is stealing technology where a low Era Level actually makes it easier for you to steal from others.

Higher eras also have some special continuous bonuses defined below. Higher eras also require more luxury to maintain or increase your population levels.

  • Stone Age – Statistic Info: Discovered Neighbour Factions and Player Factions

  • Bronze Age - Statistic Info: Discovered Neighbour Factions and Player Factions

  • Iron Age - Statistic Info: Discovered Neighbour Factions and Player Factions

  • Medieval Age – Can deploy in any city on main continent. Statistic info: Discovered factions and Player Factions

  • Gunpowder Age – Can deploy in an y city in main continent, Fishing generate some luxury.

    Statistic info: All factions

  • Modern Age – Can deploy in any City, Fishing generate some luxury. Statistic info: All Factions

4.3 Population

All cities on map have a population. It can be increase by upgrading the city size. That requires raw material and also certain technologies that can be reached by science.

There are 4 population levels in WEL. They generate bonuses and resources to their faction.

  • Hunter - 1 coin, 1 manpower

  • Farmer - 1 coin, 6 manpower, 2 VP

  • Citizen 1 coin, 4 manpower, 3 VP

  • Statesman 1 coin, 3 manpower, 4 VP, 1max lab.

4.4 Cities and Capitals

Cities and Capitals can get damaged or ruined if their wall value drop too low. This is shown on map with 2 flames (damaged) or 4 flames (severely damaged). A ruined City or Capital give no population bonuses whatsoever and in addition all education stops there. A damaged City get Coin and Manpower bonuses but not VP or max labs bonuses.

Things that will reduce walls and lead to these bad states are

  1. a defending unit taking casualties when being inside the City or Capital.

  2. Siege weapon attacking the City or Capital

  3. Capital conquered by enemy during war

  4. Pirates or Rebels conquering their objective will not only burn it but will also plunder and get coins from that Faction.

Cities and Capitals slowly build up their walls to full state.

4.5 Education

All pops start on Hunter level in game which is the worst level. The level can increase but also decrease depending on how well you supply your population with Luxury Items. Population will automatically slowly consume the national stockpile of Luxury item. As you advance through eras you will find that population demands higher amounts of luxury in order to maintain or advance their levels.

4.6 Fishing Trade

Fishing trade can generate coin for your faction and also some luxury in later eras. To be able to fish you need to build naval units. That can be done by researching certain technologies combined with building a sea port. Sea Ports can be built in any of your coastal land areas. When you have bought and deployed a naval unit on map, move it next to a fish and it will automatically trade and receive coins.

Hint: Naval unit are the perfect Sentry units. Place a naval unit next to a fish and “S” to sentry it. You can now forget about this unit as long as you press Page Down a few times. When the fish is running out or if your naval unit is attacked the sentry will automatically be cancelled which means you can catch this by using the Page Down key.

4.7 Prospecting

Finding Raw Material or Luxury Item is done by using a Prospector to perform a task on a prospect area. Prospect areas are marked on the map and you can only perform on your own faction prospect areas. Once the Raw or Lux Site is found you need to pay some coin to open it for production. Once open the site will produce for a long time either Raw Material or Luxury Item. The amount it generates and the coin price of opening it depends on your technologies. 50% of the generated raw/lux is automatically going to export and is eventually exchanged into coins. The other 50% is added into your faction stockpile

If a country is conquered its prospect areas and mines are wiped out, so solving your raw material shortages is better done by trade than by war. Long term the land you conquer will generate new prospect areas though.

4.8 Import/Export

Importing means that you pay coin for raw or coin for lux. You pay 2 coin for each lux or raw that you import. Others also pay 2 coin to you whenever you export from your own sites. There are buttons for regulating your import but not for export, export is always automatic. Any faction can set either import or not import for both raw material and for luxury item. Whenever a raw material site or luxury item site on map has a large enough stockpile it will randomly export it to any faction that is importing. Exception is war, factions cannot export to each other if they are at war.

4.9 Trade deals

If you use a negotiator unit and perform a task on a raw or lux site on map you can succeed in signing a trade deal. A trade deal means that you get monopoly on this trade route. As long as you are not at war with them and you have positive coin stockpile that site exports exclusively to you. The trade deal expires whenever any other negotiator signs a deal with that same site so trade wars can happen when resources are rare.

4.10 Faction Level

The number of cities held determines your faction level

  • Tribe = 1 City

  • Civilization = 2-3 Cities

  • Empire = 4-5 Cities

  • World Empire = 6 Cities or more

Faction level is a help for you knowing how large a faction is without having to spot all their territory.

5. Science

You need science to get new technologies and advance into new eras. Technologies may provide economic bonuses, enable upgrades of cities or enable new units to be built. Science is divided into 4 categories called Combat, Mining, Economy and Construction. All categories have 3 separate branches. Each branch will show you the next technology you are working on. You get progress in all 3 branches of a category but you can also choose to speed up one of the branches by focusing on it. Click one of the focus buttons to focus on a certain branch boosting its science at the cost of a slower science in the other 2 branches. You can also switch back to the balanced focus again by clicking the weight of scales button. You use up focus points doing this so you cannot shift your focus too often. Advancing into a new era will give you new focus points.

Science can also be obtained by using Spies to steal technology and by extra bonuses when advancing your faction into a new era.

Hint: There is a Dark Ages event that halt all science. When this happens you need to buy new scientists.

6. Units

6.1 Moving Units

When you select a rested unit by either clicking it (or pressing Page Up or Page Down) you can move it to any highlighted hex. Furthermore there will be symbols showing when a unit can perform tasks such as attack , steal tech, sign deals or prospect a hex. When you click a highlighted hex or a hex with a special symbol selected unit will either move or perform that task on the hex. Most units can also attack after moving which means after reached the destination any possible destinations for attacking or performing other tasks will be shown on map and you have to click on it to perform it. Move+Attack combination has to be done right away i.e. you cannot move and then

deselect the unit (by right clicking) and then go back selecting it again the same turn.

6.2 Movement cost

A unit regains a certain amounts of movement points each turn up to its maximum. Generally units regain about half of their movement so you need to move each unit every 2nd turn to optimize movement rate. The page down key only works for units that are fully rested unit which means using page down you only need to select units every 2nd turn without losing any movement pace. The movement point cost of entering hexes will determine what hexes are highlighted. Clicking a hex will show you symbols of how many movement points entering this hex cost plus any extra movement points cost for mobile units. Furthermore some units have zone of control which means moving close to them use up more movement points.

6.2 ZOC movement cost penalty

Only units with zone of control are affected by other units zone of control. Land units affect land units, naval units affect naval units. Special units are never affected by ZOC.

ZOC penalty can apply only when you

a) move to a hex with at leist 2 enemy ZOC units


b) if you move from a hex with at leist 1 enemy ZOC units to a hex with at leist 1 enemy ZOC unit

Hint: Using Page Down combined with Sentry is a powerful combination that reduces your workload. Simply Sentry the units you want to not to tough and use Page Down to toggle through your units every new turn. This is much faster than clicking around the map if your units are spread out!

6.3 Unit Types

Normal Unit

All infantry units are considered normal and have no special rules

Ranged Unit

All units with an attack range larger than 1 is a ranged unit. Ranged units are normally great at harassing infantry units. Ranged units can attack most non ranged units without taking damage but only if it is the ranged unit being the attacking side and the other unit the defending side.

Hint: Units that fight against Ranged units use an Anti-Ranged bonus so beware that some units are specialized to counter ranged units.

Mobile Unit

Mobile units are cavalry, chariots, tanks. They are great against ranged units and also OK against normal units.

Hint: Units that fight against a Mobile units use an Anti-Mobile bonus so beware that some units are specialized to counter mobile units.

Siege Unit

Siege Units are all units with a siege bombard value larger than zero. Siege units can in addition to normal attack also do Siege attacks Resources bringing down their defences. Siege attacks are automatically done if a Siege Units attack a City.

Hint: using a siege unit a few turns before attacking a heavily fortified City and following up with other units after can sometimes be vital especially in Iron Age and Medieval age.

Special Unit

Special units can only attack or be attacked by other special units. Special units have no Zone of Control. A Special unit can get cornered and sent back to the production queue if both these 2 conditions are met.

  1. It is adjacent to at leist one foreign military unit

  2. Adjacent foreign Military Unit+Adjacent Sea Hexes >= 3

6.4 Combat and Tasks

When pointing on a hex with target on it will instantly show the combat view below the map. Your unit is on the left side, the enemy unit is on the right side and in between is the combat panel. T

he combat panel shows the battle odds with 2 values and a : in between. A high number is good so it means if you get a 4:2 odds means you are roughly able to damage them twice as much as they will damage you.

Any special defence bonuses are also shown above the odds which is

Water penalty – Attacking with naval invasion has a large penalty for the attacker.

Terrain Penalty – Attacking into certain terrains have penalty for the attacker. If attacking into a hex with a resource the resource defence bonus is used here instead.

Mobile Penalty – Mobile units have additional penalty in certain terrains for the attacker.

clicking on a hex with a target on with a military unit a battle will occur.

There are a number of different battle situations.

Unit Battle

Unit battle starts with a shock phase: The attacker will first use its shock to try to reduce the enemy effectiveness %. Defender tries to dodge this with survivability and terrain/wall bonus.

After that the damage phase begins: Attacker and defender simultaneously receive damage.

Attacker use ground attack, effectiveness, anti-ranged, anti-mobile to try to inflict hits on the defender. Defender can dodge this using its survivability terrain/wall bonus.

Defender will use ground defence, effectiveness, anti-ranged, anti-mobile values to try to score hits on the attacker. Attacker dodges this with survivability.

How the factors work: - You first have a fighting value (ground attack or ground defence or shock) which is multiplied with your effectiveness and attack penalty (=defence bonus) and divided by the enemies survivability. This gives you basic chance of scoring a hit. This basic chance is then modified by your anti bonuses. If you face a ranged unit and you have anti-ranged 50% it means your chance of scoring a hit is modified by 1.5 but it also means the opponents chance of scoring a hit is modified by 0.5 so the bonuses affect both ways.

Say for example that an Infantry unit has a basic chance of 30% of scoring a hit on a mobile unit while the mobile unit have a 60% chance of scoring a hit on the infantry unit.

If the Infantry unit has 50% anti mobile bonus it now means its real chance of scoring hit is now 30*1.5=45% while the mobile unit get 60%*05=30%

Special Units Battle

A Special units battle is fought between 2 special units. They use not terrain modifiers or shock phases but otherwise the battle is following the same rules as Unit Battle

Resource Battle i.e. Siege

A Resource Battle is fought between a Siege Unit and a City/Capital. It consist of only one phase, the bombard phase. The Siege Weapon uses its bombard value and effectiveness against the resource survivability and defence bonus. A fully fresh resource has a Wall value of 100% which means the whole defence bonus is used, it is proportional to the defence bonus.

The damage taken in a Resource battle is to the wall value. The defence bonus of the resource is same as a terrain bonus and is used not only in Resource battle but also in Unit battles. That is also the purpose of the Resource Battle, to reduce the walls so that the other units can attack the and conquer the Resource later with less penalty. Note that defence bonus and attack penalty is the same, a defence bonus means the attacker gets a penalty attacking.

Special Unit Tasks

A negotiator can perform a trade deal task on a foreign Raw or Lux site. You need to not already have a trade deal with the site to do so. If the task succeed the negotiator faction will get a trade deal with the resource. If the task fails the Negotiator will retire and be removed from the game

A negotiator can perform a peace deal task on a foreign Capital. You need to not already be allied with them to do so. If it succeed the Negotiator faction gets a truce/peace deal with the other faction owning the Capital. If the task fails the Negotiator will retire and be removed from the game.

A spy can perform a steal technology task on a foreign faction. The foreign faction need to have a technology that you do not yet have plus it also has to have a higher amount of total techs than the Spy faction. If it succeeds the Spy faction gets the technology. If the task fails, the Spy is executed and removed from the game.

A prospector can perform a prospecting task on any of its factions prospect areas. It is succeeds the Prospect area will reveal either a Luxury Site or Raw Material Site. Certain terrains favour certain types. In a Clear Terrain hex it is probable that the prospect area will turn into a Luxury Site while in a Mountain terrain it is more likely that the prospect area will turn into a Raw Material Site.

In Special Unit Tasks there may be modifiers affecting the chance of succeeding the task. The are shown in the combat panel and the total % Chance of success is also shown. Note that generally having a high era means you have easier time succeeding with these tasks. Exception is Steal technology task which is the opposite, here it is easier to steal from factions the more they are ahead of you.

7. War & Peace

7.1 War

When 2 factions are at war they can attack and cross into their opponents land. Any City conquered during a war immediately stops producing anything until peace is initiated.

7.2 Peace

A war can end in 2 ways, Conquest peace or white peace. If either one of the factions loses its Capital a conquest peace is achieved. If instead a negotiator signs a peace deal or a stalemate peace deal is occurs (happens automatically when a war has been going on for too long) a white peace is achieved.

In a conquest peace, the conqueror first get all their land or Resources held by the conquered faction back. Thereafter the losing side might have to give up land. If the losing side was a Tribe they are annexed, their former Capital is converted into a City and they lose it and all their land to the conqueror. If the losing side is not a Tribe the Capital is burned before given back from the conqueror to the losing side. The conqueror gets to keep ALL Cities conquered before taking the Capital.

In both conquest peace and white peace a truce happens which means that for a certain amount of turns these 2 factions cannot Declare War on each other again.

Hint: It is vital that you conquer the Cities that you want before you finish the enemy off by conquering the Capital, conquering just the Capital only works against Tribes since you annex them

8. Random Events

8.1 Random Events

Every end of turn certain random events may occur, except the first 10 turns of the game. There is no limit to how many times an event may happen during a game.

Dark Ages

When dark ages event happens all scientists are erased for all factions. You will have to reinvest in new scientists.


Pirates are moving on the map across borders and decide a target City or Capital to plunder. Before they attack they will offer the defending factions to pay a tribute. Paying a tribute result in the Pirates not attacking and will instead pick a new target. Pirates stay on map until defeated. They burn and plunder a city and pick a new target and then keep going. The City they just plundered is excluded from their list of choices for next Target. Pirates tend to pick targets close to them. A faction that just paid tribute is excluded from the Pirates next target but will be included again next time the Pirates select new target if they survive that long. Pirates on map are named either “Pirates”, “Bandits”, “Barbarians”, “Robbers” or “Nomads”


Revolutions may happen for any faction and the rebels never cross into other faction land they stay local. They target is always the Faction Capital. If the rebels succeed they will burn the city to the ground and also plunder some coins from the Faction. After that they will go and camp somewhere away from the Capital but beware they will revolt again once the Capital is rebuilt. Rebels stay in game until defeated. Rebels on the map will be named either “Rebels”, “Insurgents”, “Angry Mob”, “Anarchists” or “Starving Peasants”

9. Victory

Victory in World Empires Live can be achieved in 2 ways. By victory points or conquest. In a Single player game or free for all game the faction with the most victory points at the year 2000 A.D wins a Points Victory. Only exception is if one faction conquer all the other factions which then ends the game with a Conquest Victory.

In Rated games (1v1, 2v2, 3v3 or 4v4) only the 2 teams can win not any other AI factions. The team with the highest Victory Points at the end of 2000 A.D wins. If one team have all its factions conquered then the other side wins by conquest. After the game is finished the host will automatically report any rated games to the server updating the users game statistics.

10. Game Credits

Idea & Lead Design: Johan Persson

Game Design: Kurt Eichert

Development Lead: Johan Persson

Graphics & Art: Sergey "Serjio" Churbanov

Music: James Stant

Web & Server: Christoph Aschwanden

Beta testers:

Peter James Tickle

Burak Seref

F. Wayne Outten

Martin Schmid"

Tomislav Uzelac

Debapom Saha

Branko Kotur

Ben Body

Steve Debuchy

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