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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I start playing World Empires Live?
You need to register an account if you did not already do so. Buy a subscription. After subscribing you download and install the game. Run World Empires Live and log in using your game account details.

Do I need Internet connection in order to play?
Yes! World Empires Live is distributed via subscription so you need to be connected to the Internet in order to log in to the game.

I heard this is a subscription game, can I still play Single Player session?
Yes, all you need is Internet connection and you can play single player , multiplayer and team play.

How can I support World Empires Live?
Link back to World Empires Live! Use the following HTML code snipped:

<a href="">World Empires Live - Online Game Play and Download</a>
Feel free to also use the following banners:
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Who owns World Empires Live?
World Empires Live is co-owned by Firepower Entertainment and Noble Master Games.


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