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About WEL

World Empires Live (WEL) is an online real-time multiplayer strategy game available Microsoft Windows. Wanna play the game today? Buy a subscription and download the game immediately!

World Empires Live is a game product is a joint development between Firepower Entertainment and Noble Master Games. Firepower was founded by Johan Persson in 2006 and has developed two published titles before. Noble Master Games is run by Christoph Aschwanden and they have been developing and hosting fun and easy online games from 2006 on their site.


Idea & Lead Design: Johan Persson
Game Design: Kurt Eichert
Development Lead: Johan Persson
Graphics & Art: Sergey "Serjio" Churbanov |
Music: James Stant |
Web & Server: Christoph Aschwanden |

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World Empires Live

World Empires Live is owned and operated by Firepower Entertainment and Noble Master Games. Please refer to Firepower Entertainment and Noble Master Games for detailed contact information.